User Agreement

Terms of use

1. General

1) The Administrator (owner) of the domain (the “Website”) provides the right to use the Website and its services in accordance with the provisions of this User Agreement, which is a public offer in accordance with laws of the Singapore unlimited number of people with. The User who does not agree with the Terms of the User Agreement is not entitled to use the Website. Acceptance of the terms of the User Agreement is possible only in full.

2) The User Agreement enters into force immediately from the moment the User begins to use any functionality provided by the Website. The User agrees to read carefully the content and Terms of this User Agreement.

3) The User Agreement may be changed by the Administration at any time. The new version of the User Agreement comes into force immediately from the moment it is posted by the Administration on the Website. If the User Agreement has been amended and the User disagrees with the changes, the User is not entitled to continue to use the Website and must stop any further use of the Website.

2. Definitions

1) The Website – is an Internet resource located on the domain, the owner and the administrator of which is the Administration.

2) The Administration – is  . The Address is –  .

3) The User – is an able-bodied individual who has acceded to this User Agreement. The User has the right to go through the registration procedure to use additional features of the Website.

4) Account – is a unique combination of the User’s registration data stored on the Website.

5) The Services – are services provided by the Administration.

3. Rights and Obligations of the User

1) Use the Website in accordance with the provisions of this User Agreement.

2) Do not post information that violates the laws of the Singapore or international laws.

3) Post and place on the Website the data corresponding to reality.

4) Do not take actions leading to the overflow of e-mail of the Administration. Sending advertising messages is not allowed.

5) The User has the right to independently post information and materials on the pages of the Website that do not contradict the terms of this User Agreement and the legislation of the Singapore.

6) The User expresses consent to receive notifications to the email address specified by the User during the registration.

7) Do not post referral links and promotional codes, as well as private ads of the sale of goods and services on the Website.

8) Shops and services presented on the Website are not entitled to independently or through third parties post on the Website any information about their goods, services, promotions, as well as referral and tracking links.

4. Rights of the Administration

1) Replace, delete or add affiliate identifiers in the links posted by Users comments.

2) Restrict to any User the possibility of commenting and buying.

3) Block, modify, move and delete without warning:

– messages and other materials of the User containing illegally used results of intellectual property;

– the User’s account that violate the rights of the Administration, other Users or third parties.

5. User Registration

1) To realize the possibility of full use of the Website by the User, registration of the User Account is required.

2) The user is fully responsible for the safety of the data of account was made for the User

3) The User has the right to contact the Administration with a request to deactivate the account.

6. Disputes

1. Disputes between the parties shall be settled in a complaint.